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no 1Success by Innovation

5-years development and still keeping up with technology

Traditional printed magazines have changed little over the past twenty years.  E-magazines, on the other hand, continue to evolve as reader preferences change in line with new technology.  As publishers, it is necessary to always push the boundaries to keep up with technology, trends and reading habits.

In the past 12 months, Contractors World UK & Ireland has changed from a web-based digital magazine to an e-magazine sized for easy reading on iPads and tablets.  The PDF based e-magazine format allows for downloading and reading off-line and still deliver interactive features such as videos.

The rapid growth in readership, particularly amongst senior managers, dispells any questions over readership of e-magazines.  Senior managers do not register for, and download large PDF files, for magazines they have no interest in.


Rapid trend towards tablets

When Contractors World published its first magazine in 2011 over 98.5% of readers used a desktop or laptop computer to read the magazine.

Three years ago, with the emergence of notebooks, tablets and smartphones, less than 5% of readers chose to use these new innovations.

Today, almost 80% of readers choose to read the magazine on a tablet or smartphone.  And the trend is increasing.

On wide desktop screen, digital magazines can look like a typical magazine, showing two pages.  The preferred choice today is for smaller screens, held in the hand, where only a single page can be read at a time. 

Another significant change is reading off-line.  In 2010 less than 10% of readers downloaded the PDF version.  With the last issue, over 98% chose to download the interactive PDF version for off-line reading and watching video content.

Connecting with the industry - more reach, more readers

environmentAs Contractors World UK & Ireland edition readership continues to grow, so the e-magazine content and format will be constantly developed to meet the changing industry requirements. 

We will continue to live up to our tag line "Redefining trade publishing for the digital age", to not only deliver increasing reader satisfaction to the industry but also to promote our green credentials.

Over the past 5 years, the number of pages read in the various Contractors World magazines has saved over 3,000 trees plus all the associated processing, printing and distribution emissions. 

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