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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Atlas Copco introduces the XATS 900E electric portable compressor

Atlas Copco introduces the XATS 900E electric portable compressor XATS 900E electric brochure

Atlas Copco has launched the XATS 900E, an electric portable compressor with the versatility to suit a wide range of demanding applications. The new compressor is equipped with a 160kW motor that is highly efficient and quiet in operation.

As an energy-efficient alternative to traditional diesel-driven compressors, the XATS 900E delivers compressed air from 7 to 10 bar (100 to 150 psi) with a flow of up to 25m3/min (900cfm), while offering users the advantages of reduced running costs and reduced requirement for maintenance. Suitable for sites with a ready supply of power, the XATS 900E is easy to install on any surface as it requires no additional foundations.

The unit is up to 50% smaller and up to 30% lighter than most comparable compressors, with a power-flex frame that supports ease of movement, higher safety and protection from spillage. Additionally, the corrosion-resistant canopy of the compressor is designed for use in all weather conditions, without the need for additional rooms and enclosures.

The electrically powered unit is enclosed in a silenced acoustic canopy, with sound levels of 73db(A) at 7 metres. This conforms to ISO9614-2 standards and makes the unit suitable for working in urbanised areas and confined spaces.

Compact, lightweight and easy to move, with outstanding ruggedness and durability, the XATS 900E is an excellent choice for rental fleets and customer sites.

The XATS 900E is designed to provide quality air solutions with an inbuilt aftercooler and water separator and can be fitted with optional downstream filtration to further enhance the air quality. Also, the new electric portable compressor features large door panels for easy access and single side service procedures.

Ben Van Hove, Vice-President of Marketing in Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division, said:

“The launch of the XATS 900E opens up new options for our customers to harness the power of electric. It combines smart engineering, proven technology and quality components. The XATS 900E, is an outstanding choice when it comes to setting up an efficient job site.”

Atlas Copco

Power distribution specialist, ide Systems, has launched the Vulcan range, a line of portable power distribution units. Safe Temporary Power Distribution

Power distribution specialist, ide Systems, has launched the Vulcan range, a line of portable power distribution units.

Each model is housed in a unique vibrant orange enclosure, making the products easily visible and safer than standard electrical equipment for construction and small outdoor event applications.

The Vulcan range has both single and three-phase units available, with a range of 16A single-phase up to 125A three-phase. Every unit has individually protected sockets to ensure compliance with relevant electrical regulatory guidelines such as EN 60309, with switchgear and tri-rated wiring all safely housed.

Units have transparent windows to allow contractors to quickly identify the switchgear status, as well as easily access it if necessary.

The enclosures are weatherproof and have an integrated carry handle for easy portability. Vulcan range units are compact in size, measuring from 260 mm x 250 mm to a maximum of 600 mm x 400 mm depending on model.

IDE Systems

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