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On the road to recovery
in Yorkshire

Andrew Denville, Environment Agency reports on progress that has been made during 2017.

It has been over 200 days since communities across Yorkshire had their Christmas stolen by Storm Eva. Flood defences were damaged and our telemetry stations – which monitor river levels - logged record-breaking levels, alongside the obvious and devastating damage to businesses and properties across Yorkshire.

The Leeds EA office has become a hive of recovery activity. We have a repair programme consisting of 400 projects and just as many issues raised by businesses, residents and our professional partners such as the local council. We’ve visited over 150 communities and completed 162 projects to repair damaged flood defence assets, with an ambitious target to complete all remaining repair works by the end of September.

We repaired all 62 telemetry site faults within 5 days - most of these faults related to power disruption but some were actually under water. We are working hard to ensure there is still an effective flood warning service and a skilled field team who continue to work on flood-risk modelling, planning and the funding aspects of flood schemes.

One example of the vital work we are doing is the installation of temporary defences at Vodafone in Leeds and at BT in York, preventing the loss of communications across Yorkshire

We have also set up an office hub in Mytholmroyd, Calderdale, to support the ever-growing flood warden and flood action groups. Our relationships with local communities have been critical and we were invited to help celebrate with residents in Hebden Bridge when they held their ‘alternative Christmas’ party on 25 June.

We have been busy in Bradford and Pendle working to understand the causes of flooding in the area and working on detailed river modelling to examine where flood water goes. To do this, we’re working with Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council and existing community groups in Bradford and surrounding areas.

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