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LED Lighting Saves
Distribution Centre
£100,00 per year


A new and ambitious environmental project from Wolseley UK is set to save enough electricity to power 303 homes every year.  Replacing 4,359 light fittings with LED lighting at the firm’s national distribution centre (NDC) in Leamington Spa will achieve annual energy savings of £100,000.

What’s more, Wolseley UK has been awarded a grant of £50,000 towards the project from the Department of Energy and Climate Change under the Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR*) pilot scheme

Just 18 companies, including Network Rail, BAE Systems and Tata Steel UK, met the criteria for the EDR scheme, which will fund 10% of Wolseley UK’s LED project.

By proactively investing into the scheme, the plumbing and heating merchant is reinforcing its commitment to finding sustainable energy solutions that benefit the environment as well as the business.

Project partners, AA Projects and Cloudfm, estimate that the NDC’s annual kWh savings equate to approximately 1 mega watt, offering a payback period of approximately 4.6 years.
They estimate that grid electricity demand will reduce by 236,000K WH during the months of November to February, between the hours of 4 pm to 8 pm.

Site Facilities Manager at Wolseley UK, John Page commented:

I am proud that our business is continually investing in schemes and initiatives that reduce our environmental impact. It’s great to be contributing to a UK-wide approach to energy saving, whilst reducing our energy bills too.
       We are also pleased to be one of just 18 companies selected for the government’s EDR pilot scheme that aims to reduce demand for electricity at peak times.

The LED project is due for completion at the end of September this year.

Developing Green Credentials

The installation of LED lighting follows on from other green initiatives implemented by Wolseley management.

AA Projects provided a range of services from project commencement on the £2.3 million solar photovoltaic project at Wolseley UK National Distribution Centre in Leamington Spa. The installation involved covering a roof area of 13,113 m² with solar PV panels.

The installation is rated at just over 2 mega-watts and is planned to generate £6.50 million over 20 years under the Government’s ‘Feed In Tariff’ (FIT) for commercial buildings. In just over 12 months, it is estimated that the PV system will generate more energy than is consumed at Wolseley UK’s National Distribution Centre along with a surplus of around 10%.

Wolseley UK will also achieve carbon savings of around 1280 tonnes per year, helping to improve the Leamington Spa site’s environmental performance, which is already rated by BREEAM as ‘very good’.

The installation incorporates various innovations and one such innovation is to channel some of the exhaust air from the inverters into the building’s heating systems to further reduce the building’s carbon emissions.

Wolseley UK
AA Projects

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