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Construction News

Ground Conditions for Construction PlantAvoid that Sinking Feeling!

New Guidance from CPA -
'Ground Conditions for Construction Plant'

Construction Plant-hire Association has launched a new guidance document - 'Ground Conditions for Construction Plant'.

Failure of the ground on which construction plant stands and moves is a frequent cause of minor incidents and near misses on sites, together with a significant number of serious injuries and fatalities.

In addition to the impact on the lives of those involved, these events can lead to delays in construction programmes and significant commercial loss such as unrecoverable management time, loss of reputation and effect on future workloads.

The aim of this document is to provide clear guidance on the assessment of ground conditions and the measures that can be taken to both improve ground and reduce loads imposed on the ground.
Ground engineering can be a complex topic and part of the purpose of this guidance is to enable construction personnel to decide when they need to consult an expert geotechnical or structural engineer.

It is essential that those carrying out ground assessment are aware of their own limitations and know when to stop and consult experts in the field.  The document is aimed at all those with an interest in the stability of plant.

The new guidance deals with ground bearing pressures and loadings from mobile plant, and assessment and engineering of the ground’s capability to withstand the loadings. The guidance addresses coordination of duties, with reference to CDM and to Temporary Works, and contains technical guidance presented in an accessible way.

Download the guide here

Construction Plant-hire Association

Radical redesign of London Archway gyratoryRadical redesign of London Archway gyratory

Plans to radically redesign Archway gyratory, transforming the area for all road users and creating a new public space for all to enjoy, have been announced by the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) as part of the £4 billion Road Modernisation Plan.

TfL and Islington Council have worked together to ensure that the proposals for Archway gyratory maximise benefits for all road users, and residents.

The new layout, which started consultation today, would see the out of date gyratory replaced with two-way traffic lanes around three sides of the central island. The fourth side would be closed off to traffic, creating a new, open public space at the heart of the town. Segregated cycle lanes, including a two-way cycle route past the station and improved pedestrian crossings would also be introduced, creating safer and direct routes through the area.

The new public space outside Archway Tube station would make it easier for people to access local businesses and help create an improved, more accessible town centre that would help attract further investment into the area. As part of this wider scheme, London Underground will also look to improve the ticketing hall of Archway station in the coming years to improve the customer experience within the station.

Subject to the outcome of the consultation, construction could begin as early as 2016 and fully delivered during 2017.


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