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Construction News

Photo: C Ford

Brand new lifts at Covent Garden station
increase capacity by 25 per cent

Work to replace two of the four lifts at Covent Garden Tube station has been completed, and customers will benefit from a 25 per cent increase in capacity due to the larger cars, which operate at higher speeds.

Engineers were required to completely remove the old lift cars and replace all of the structural, mechanical and electrical parts. The steel structure within the lift shaft was also modified, which added to the complexity of the project.

Phil Hufton, London Underground’s Chief Operating Officer, said:

I would like to thank customers for their patience whilst this complex work has taken place. I’m pleased that we have delivered a much needed increased capacity at this station, which will improve reliability levels for our customers.

Work to replace the two remaining older lifts will begin in February 2015, which will ensure customers have full access to Covent Garden station throughout the festive period.

The programme for replacing the lifts has been developed to minimise the amount of time they are out of service. This will mean in the total time taken to complete the replacement of all four lifts will be around 17 months, which is a significant reduction of the originally predictive timeframe of 28 months.

LU is carrying out a huge programme of modernisation, with major stations, trains, track and signalling being updated or replaced to provide more capacity for a growing city.

The line upgrades are at the core of LU’s investment programme, which will deliver more than 30 per cent increase in capacity. The upgrade programme is being delivered over the coming years, with work to modernise the Northern line nearly complete, and the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines well underway.

Redevelopment work to increase capacity at key stations and make them step-free is underway at a number of stations including Victoria, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street. More than half of LU’s 270 stations have now been modernised or refurbished to make them brighter and easier to use.


‘Basements for Dwellings’Basements Guidance Document

The Basement Information Centre (TBIC) announces the publication of its Basements for Dwellings Guidance Document. This publication replaces and is an update of the Approved Document: Basements for dwellings.

‘Basements for Dwellings’ provides guidance on the design and construction of basements for dwellings, and takes into account the effect on dwellings when including a basement.

The publication is structured around the Building Regulations and explains how to meet the relevant performance requirements. It is specifically written with respect to new build projects but some of the content will be applicable to basement refurbishments.

Each guidance clause in the document is preceded by the Building Regulations Requirement (e.g. A1) to which the guidance relates. The document identifies ideas for good practice which are not covered by the Regulations, and they are clearly identified as ‘GP’ in the margin.

This new guide covers all relevant aspects of the Building Regulations . This guide also includes a significant update to the Structures section and covers both reinforced and plain retaining walls and raft foundations.

The thermal performance section refers to Part L1 and now provides insulation guidance for achieving U-values from 0.25 W/m2K to 0.15 W/m2K.

The Basement Information Centre (TBIC)

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