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What's New In Plant & Equipment

New generation of Kramer wheel loaders - continued

The Kramer 5 Series comprises seven models with bucket sizes from 0.35 to 0.95 m³. A new cabin layout has been developed with a greater emphasis on comfort and ergonomics. The overall design and layout of the controls have been designed so that drivers can find their way intuitively. Multi-function joystick, hand throttle, low-speed control and load stabilizer are located in the cab to ensure the driver can reach them easily.

The larger wheel loaders from the 5075 model upwards also have three optional types of steering - all-wheel, front-wheel or crab steering.

For all models of the 5 Series from the 5055, Kramer offers an optional long loading system. For municipalities, the long loading system is perfect for loading grit and de-icing salt for winter maintenance.

The new 5 Series wheel loaders will be available from March 2015.

The new Kramer 8095T tele-wheel loader being used with aerial access basket.New Premium Series wheel loaders

The Kramer ‘8’ Series features the seven wheel loader models from 8075 to 8115. These models feature a new generation of engines, with three different engine variants. The 8075 has a 35 kW Yanmar engine which is compliant with emission stage IIIA regulations.

The new Kramer 8095T tele-wheel loader being used with aerial access basket.

The other models - 8085, 8085T, 8095, 8095T, 8105 and 8115 - are equipped as standard with the 55 kW Deutz engine TCD 2.9. The exhaust after-treatment takes place using DOC technique and is completely maintenance-free.

Compared to the previous models, engine delivers around 17% more torque and at the rated power, around 10% less fuel consumption.

For the larger models 8105, 8115 and 8095T models, the engine is optionally available with 100 hp.
Another option on the 8 series is the Powerflow high-performance hydraulic system. With this, the user can also operate powerful hydraulic attachments such as asphalt or rotary snow ploughs with up to 120 litres of volume flow.

For fast and flexible manoeuvring the 8075 to 8115 wheel loader can be equipped with three steering modes: all-wheel, front-wheel or crab steering.

For some models of the 8-series Kramer also optionally offers a long loading system and the Volvo TPV quick change plate.

Kramer Wheel Loaders

New Hoist from Alimak HekNew Hoist from Alimak Hek

Alimak has taken construction hoist technology to a new level with the introduction of the all-new Alimak SC 65. It is a modular system that can adapt to different applications using relatively few modules and components.

Available in single or twin car configuration, the SC 65 offers payloads of 1,500 to 3,200 kg per car and has a standard maximum lifting height of 250 m, which can be increased on request. The free-standing mast height is 32 m when equipped with an optional pipe support.

Two or three FC frequency control or two DOL motors drive the system through a high efficiency gearbox. The hoist operates at speeds up to 65 m/min and provides more hoist power while using as much as 40% less power than previous models.

The SC 45 offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership making it the ideal choice for both construction and rental companies.

Accessibility is improved by the new microprocessor based control system for better management of calls for the hoist.

As with most models, it can be used in single or dual car configurations.  The hoist car design is truly modular and offers several optional car lengths between 2.0 and 3.2 m and a multiple choice of doors or ramps.

Alimak Hek

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