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Major New Work for Record-Breaking Roofing Company - continued

Not Your Usual Reroofing Challenges

The insulation and pebbles were re-applied in its original format and, due to the weight of the pebbles, was a mammoth task. Three miniveyors were linked up to help with the handling, hired in from Charles Wilson Plant Hire of Kentish Town.

A series of special aluminium breather vents were also fitted down to the concrete slab roof substrate to enable the surface to dry out over a period of 12 months.

Nick Rogers, Managing Director for JR Flat Roofing, is proud of the team’s work, saying:

We are experienced in challenging projects which have a tight deadline, but our team and Heritage Scaffolding really excelled themselves. We welcome projects with challenges that need to be overcome – this one involved removing and replacing a huge amount of materials which covered the damaged waterproof layer.
    However, we were able to go beyond the clients’ expectations, giving them a hardwearing and long-lasting roof. I personally believe that liquid flat roofing is the future - it already represents 62% of our turnover which we are more than happy with.

Founded by John Rogers in 1984, JR Flat Roofing specialises in flat roofing services across the UK. Based in Cornwall, it provides services in felt, Polyroof and green roof systems for commercial, domestic and industrial businesses.

For this recent job in Hemel Hempstead, the two companies refurbished 1100 m² of roof plus erected and dismantled two scaffold access platforms from the ground, each 30 m high with a scaffold bridge between each block in order to transport materials, within three weeks - a record breaking time.

This meant the client called on the JR Flat Roofing to price up an additional 4500 m² of new work in Manchester, to begin in March 2015.

JR Flat Roofing
Polyroof Products Ltd.

Massive Investment in Flood Prevention is Boost for Construction IndustryMassive Investment in Flood Prevention is Boost for Construction Industry

Homes, businesses and farmland from Lancashire to Essex will be better protected from floods by a six-year £2.3 billion flood defence programme announced by the government.

This first ever long-term investment programme will protect over 300,000 properties, reduce flood risk by 5% and save the economy £2.7 billion by 2021.

The lifetime benefits of this investment will be even higher at over £30 billion. With 1,400 projects within the programme, local authorities will be able to plan ahead and reassure communities that flood risk is being reduced in their area. New schemes may also be added as the programme progresses

Major projects that will benefit include:

Improvement In addition, the government has committed to spend £15.5 million in Somerset on flood defences over the next 6 years, benefiting 7,000 properties.

This includes £4.2 million on the Somerset Levels and Moors. This is part of at least £35 million committed to Somerset from this year until 2021. Environment Agency Chairman Sir Philip Dilley said:

Our priority is to do as much as we can with every pound of funding from government and local partners, we now expect to provide better flood protection to an additional 300,000 properties in England by the end of the decade.
      With one in six homes in England at risk of flooding, and recognising the risk of flooding can never be eliminated, we would also encourage people to take their own steps to prepare for flooding, for example by signing up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service.

The lifetime benefits of this investment will be more than £30bn. New schemes may also be added as the programme progresses. The investment programme was published alongside a new long term study from the Environment Agency, which shows that the planned investment will reduce overall flood and coastal erosion risk in England.


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