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CRL completes complex bridge repair over the M6 Motorway - continued

To enable the new reinforcement cage to be tied into the bridge deck CRL used hydrodemolition inside the existing vehicle barrier to remove the top layer of concrete along a strip 750 mm wide and 75 mm deep. This exposed the top mat of reinforcement allowing for the new reinforcement to be tied into position. To manage the wastewater from this operation CRL used sumps, puddle pumps and a Siltbuster to remove and filter the water.

CRL completes complex bridge repair over the M6 Motorway

To remove the existing concrete bridge parapet over the live motorway, CRL used angled core drilling and ringsaw cutting to carve the concrete into manageable blocks. The concrete blocks were then removed by mechanical lifting through the congested RMDK framework.

Once removed CRL fixed the new steel reinforcement cage into position, shuttered the new profile and recast the edge beam using 8 mᶟ of pumped readymix concrete with sockets for the new barrier fixings.

After the new barrier on one side was completed, the process was repeated on the other side of the bridge. The novel RMDK access system allowed the kentledge system to be utilised for both edge beams and the over slung modular section was simply lifted over to the other side during a night time possession. The wing walls on each side of the bridge were also reconstructed and extended to accept the new vehicle barrier system.

All this work was carried out over a busy motorway near residential properties and with pedestrian access maintained across the bridge at all times!

Gerry Lister (Contracts Manager for CRL) commented:

It has been a challenging scheme which has highlighted the importance of suppliers and contractors working together to achieve a successful outcome.

Concrete Repairs Ltd
RMD Kwikform

Garden Bridge - a New Crossing for the Thames

Garden Bridge - a New Crossing for the ThamesConstruction of a new Garden Bridge over the River Thames could begin this year after the scheme was given the green light by the Mayor of London’s office.

The Garden Bridge will provide a dedicated crossing of the Thames for pedestrians in central London, helping to contribute to the Mayor’s strategy for making central London a more attractive and accessible place for walking. The bridge is set to support economic growth and planned regeneration on both sides of the river.

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick - who created the cauldron for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – the Garden Bridge will be 366 m long and will connect Temple on the north bank to the South Bank.

It is estimated that the bridge will attract seven million trips per year using it as a new way to cross the river. The bridge will include a major new public space and garden that will be free to access and will feature 270 trees as well as shrubs, climbing plants, hedges and flowers.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “The Garden Bridge will provide a fantastic new landmark for London whilst supporting regeneration and economic growth on both sides of the Thames. It will create a stunning oasis of tranquillity in the heart of our city and boost our plans to encourage walking in the city.’


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