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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 4

Editorial Comment

Uncertain Future

as Carrots are



ith a general election due in just

a few months time, investments in infrastructures,

housing, flood prevention and similar will feature

prominently in newspapers and broadcast media.

These together with ‘promises’ of tax cuts, improving NHS ser-

vices and other carrots will be dangled to tempt the electorate to

vote this way or that.

Unfortunately, all these fine words,

which will be part of each party’s

manifest, have no legal binding. We

are, by now used to the lame excus-

es made by the winning party. Why

aren’t manifesto pledges legally bind-

ing promises, after all that is why the

party won?

Imagine the situation if contractors could bid for projects the

same way. They would never get away with delivering something

that was not as agreed. It would seem that politicans can.

The construction industry is recovering and, if the party winning

the next election deliver on their promises then the industry can

look forward to a mini-boom. 

My advice is hang on to your hats, there’s a lot of hot air going to

be blowing around and look at the small print.

In the past, tax cuts and investments were implemented over-

night. Some of the ‘promises’, if they are delivered, are not sched-

uled until the end of the next term- 5 years away by which time peo-

ple will have forgotten what was promised.

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