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What’s New - Plant & Equipment

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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 4

The construction industry is becoming more and

more concerned about the health risks associated

with hand-arm vibration, and various directives

have been issued to minimise the risk.

These directives restrict the amount of vibration

an operator can be exposed to. The effect of this is

to make relatively simple jobs extremely time con-


So any contractor that is involved in concrete

drilling, breaking, etc will immediately see a benefit

in a device that virtually eliminate vibration.

One possible solution is that provided by the

Canadian company, RNP Industries, which is now

available in the UK through STM in Hertfordshire.

The drilling and breaking machine has been de-

signed to minimise the problem of hand/arm vibra-

tion when operating air powered hammers, chisels,

rock drills, scabblers and diamond core drills.



lator unit (PAM) allows an operator to

greatly increase the time that a tool

can be safely used by having it firmly

secured to an air over hydraulic pow-

ered, two-piece arm which almost

completely isolates vibration from the

PAM’s hand controls.

Typical vibration levels are just 2.5

to 2.7 m/s². These low figures have

been achieved by a combination of

the tool carrier being suspended from

a free-moving knuckle joint and an

under- mounted air ram which, at the

push of a button, forces the tool onto the work


Contractor Puts PAM to the test

On a recent job to repair a pair of concrete bridge

abutments in Watford town centre, Kent based,

Top Bond plc ,was able to complete all the concrete

removal work in just two days, rather than the

originally calculated two weeks.

This dramatic time reduction resulted from the

PAM machine’s ability to be used continuously.

Hand held electric breakers would have required

severely restricted working times due to the opera-

tors exposure to HAV.

Because the full weight of the tool being used is

carried by the two piece arm, the PAM is very easy

to use on both walls and ceilings using tools weigh-

ing up to 16 kg.

The unit is mounted on four castors to enable

it to be pushed into position prior to applying the

brake and deploying three adjustable support legs.

Weighing only 525 kg without a tool in place,

the machine can be easily transported in a typical

high roof 3.5 tonne van. The size and weight also

means that it can work effectively at height when

positioned on a scissor lift or mast climbing work-


Compact dimen-

sions alsomeans that

it can pass through

small opening for

working inside build-

ings or other restrict-

ed areas.


RNP Industries

Improve Productivity

by Minimising Hand-

Arm Vibration