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What’s New - Plant & Equipment

Previously available as an option, Cat Grade Control

Depth and Slope, a Cat Connect Grade technology, is

now standard on Cat 323E L (N) hydraulic excavators

sold in Europe with the 2.9 meter stick and standard

reach boom.

This 2D system is integrated into the machine’s

standard monitor and indicates real-time position-

ing and cut-and-fill information. This assists opera-

tors with efficiently and accurately achieving con-

sistent depth and slope grades without guesswork.

This results in faster times to complete work with

fewer passes, increased fuel savings and minimal

expense marking out and checking.

Significant productivity increases of up to 35%

and documented fuel savings of up to 6 percent

have been achieved with the system.

Cat Grade Control is integrated into the machine

at the factory with sensors and components built

into the machine. This reduces the risk of theft or

damage during operation, protects the customer’s

investment, and increases machine resale value.

Integrated joystick buttons allow operators to

adjust grade settings without removing hands from

the controls, while the display provides a simple en-

vironment for the operator to interact with the sys-


Audible warning indicators can be activated to alert

the operator if the bucket cutting edge or tip is

above, on, or

below grade.


ally, height



limit alerts

can be set to

warn the op-

erator if the



bucket ap-

proaches a

predef ined

elevation or

depth, such



digging near water lines, or in areas with low ceil-


The system is easy to use, requiring only that

the operator references a vertical starting point

to “benchmark” the system – either by touching a

known point, such as a hub or stake, or by referenc-

ing a laser beam from a transmitter located on the

job site.

The operator simply enters the desired depth

and slope into the display and is ready to begin dig-

ging to grade.


Integrated Cat Grade Control

Technology Now Standard


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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 4

Vibratory plates with

only good vibrations

The latest innovation for reversible vibratory plates

from Wacker Neuson in the weight class from 300

to 800 kilograms (or 40 to 100 kN of compaction

performance) reduces vibration values to less than

1.5 m/s² for hand-arm vibrations. According to the

Directive 2002/44/EC, the operator may, therefore

work without a time limitation with this


With a new damping concept, Wacker

Neuson has managed to reduce the hand-arm

vibrations to a val-

ue that allows

the operator to

work without

a time limita-

tion and at the

same time pro-

vides for more

comfort and safety.

The diesel-powered vibratory plates DPU 4545,

DPU 5545 and DPU 6555 achieve values of less than

1.5 m/s². The DPU 4045 lies at just 0.9 m/s².

The advantages for customers are obvious: they

have powerful vibratory plates, save time and mon-

ey due to the reduced documentation and training

effort and operators benefit from the low hand-arm

vibrations, which ensure more comfortable and

gentle work.

With the introduction of the new center pole,

Wacker Neuson is now offering the entire product

series of reversible vibratory plates - from 140 to

800 kilograms with an operating time of at least

one working day. The vibration values are below

the trigger value of 2.5 m/s²; for the 30 kN equip-

ment vibration values are below the exposure limit

of 5 m/s² (permissible working time: 8 hours per


Wacker Neuson UK