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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 4

Higher Efficiency

The new dozer retains Komatsu’s

proven hydrostatic drive line

which supplies high drawbar

pull when needed with precision

control when fine grading.

The operator can select either

‘quick-shift’ or ‘variable speed’ to

match the ground condition.

The cab has been moved for-

ward, putting the operator closer

to the centre of gravity of the ma-

chine. This gives a better view to the ripper and

improved visibility to the dozer.

The ROPS/FOPS cab is to a new design with larg-

er, tinted windows and improved sealing to keep

dust, moisture and noise outside.

The operator’s seat is a comfortable, heavy-duty,

air suspension style, complete with headrest, The

result is 79 dB(A) noise level to the operator (LpA)

and hand/arm vibration <2.5 m/s² and body vibra-

tion <0.5 m/s².

Travel speed is up to 9.00 km/h in both for-

ward and reverse gears. Dozer blade ranges from

3,250 mm x 1,195 mm with 3.4 m³ PAT blade on the

EX model up to 3,860 mm x 1,155 mm with 3.8 m³

PAT blade PXI)

A Second Dozer Launch

Komatsu has also introduced the D37EXi/PXi-23

dozer to the European market which is configured

to the same degree with Komatsu’s latest intelligent

Machine Control technology, enabling both finish

grading and rough dozing in full automatic blade

control mode.

This dozers meets EU Stage IIIB regulations us-

ing smart engine technology, with operator-specific

features bundled into a compact 89 horsepower


Operating weights range from 8,640 kg to

8,940 kg depending on the configuration and mod-

el. At 2200 rpm, the D37EXi/PXi-23 pushes with a

net 66,1 kW (89 HP).

Both dozers come equipped with the Komatsu

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC), which has an in-

tegrated design that does not interfere with daily


This smart



fied system

removes soot

using 100%

“passive regeneration” with-

out the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

The KDOC has no scheduled replacement inter-

val and is designed for long life with no required

maintenance. For owners, this means lower own-

ing and operating costs due to less complexity and

seamless operation for the operator.

Excellent blade visibility and ride

The steeply sloped engine hood and forward cab

design provide more room for operators while

moving themcloser to the blade, for improved blade

visibility, ride quality, enhanced grading ability and

overall comfort.

Viscous cab damper mounts suppress noise and

vibration when travelling over rough terrain making

these new models quieter than their predecessors.

For a quieter working environment, the interior cab

decibel level has been decreased to 77 dB(A).

Durable and productive power

angle tilt (PAT) blade

An efficiently-designed PAT blade with a highly

durable box structure and good curvature, rolls

material efficiently and improves productivity.

Standard adjustable blade pitch allows the op-

erator to adjust the aggressiveness of the cutting

edge for varying applications. The hydraulic blade

angle toggle switch improves ease of blade opera-


The Komatsu D37EXi/PXi-23 with

advanced technology integrated

into the cab structures. Inset

picture shows roof top antenna.

What’s New - Plant & Equipment