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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 4

The new dozer also features Komatsu’s proprie-

tary KOMTRAX (Komatsu Machine Tracking System)

and TOPCON’s construction management system.

In the near future, this integrated system will

enable high-efficiency, unified management of con-

struction work through access to realtime machine

data, via its web service, to track work progress in-

cluding the amount of soil dozed at jobsites.

Fully Automatic Blade Control for

Rough and Fine Dozing

While high-precision finish grading can be achieved

by crawler dozers equipped with a conventional

control system, the D61i-EXi can also perform

rough dozing in automatic mode, thanks to a fully

automatic blade load control.

When rough dozing, the automatic blade control

monitors blade load and adjusts blade elevation, to

minimize track slip and deliver high-efficiency doz-

ing. As work progresses closer to the target finish

grade, the automatic blade control adjusts accord-

ingly to provide finish grade performance with high-

level precision.

Komatsu claim that when compared to conven-

tional add-on machine control systems, an increase

of up to 13% in efficiency can be achieved when

using Komatsu’s technological innovation in rough


Standard Factory Installed and


Komatsu hasmoved away from add-on components

for the machine control system that were typically

mounted on the blade. With the new model, it is

a fully-integrated system within, and protected by,

the cab structure.

These components are installed at the Komatsu

manufacturing facility during machine assembly,

along with the machine control monitor and con-

trollers mounted inside the cab.

The integrated sensor package is not only robust

and accurate but also eliminates the daily hassles of

installing and removing GNSS antennas and cables

from the blade, and the wear associated with it.

Enhancements for Optimized


Inside the cab, selectable dozing modes allow the

system response to be tailored to current machine

operations, for optimized performance. Similarly,

blade load settings are adjustable between presets

to match actual material conditions.

From pass to pass, the intelligent Machine Con-

trol system can be left with the automatic blade

control engaged because of its ability to precisely

automate the lowering of the blade at the start of a

pass and raise it at the end.

When the machine travels around the job site,

the cab top GNSS antenna collects accurate surface

data by measuring actual elevations.

The stroke sensing angle cylinder measures the

actual angle of the blade for high precision grad-

ing accuracy on cross-slope with the blade angled

or not.

New cab design delivers ergonomic benefits as well

as improving comfort and visibility

With the fully automatic blade

control, the operator can see at

a glance the various parameters

being created.

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