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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 4


arubeni Komatsu UK provided the

venue for the Global launch of

two new dozers from Komatsu to

further strengthen their position in

the market as a world leader in dozing technology.

With this introduction the company has brought

closer together merging technologies to further en-

hance dozing performance and minimise operator


Most dozers today working on major sites use

levelling and grading technologies. Typically this is

either by laser or, as it becomes more accurate, GPS

using attachments to the dozer that are exposed to


With the D61EXi/PXi-23, Komatsu build such

intelligence into the machine. It was launched as

‘The First intelligent Machine Control model, to the

European market.’

In other words, a unique fully automatic blade

control dozer capable of both finish grading in au-

tomatic mode, and also rough dozing. The result is

a significant improvement in productivity.

Although the D61i-EXi is the first machine to be

equipped with this innovative factory integrated

technology, it is obvious that the company is go-

ing to introduce some of the technology to other

products as the company said that the technology

is adaptable.

The new dozer can be configured with longer

track-on ground standard (EX) or low ground pres-

sure (PX) for better flotation and weight

distribution in soft ground conditions.

Operating weights range from 177,40

kg to 18,660 kg depending on the config-

uration with a Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 en-

gine Tier IV interim engine delivering net

125 kW / 168 HP at 2200 rpm.




Komatsu intelligence