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Crossrail Tunnels

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unnel machine Ellie has started her

900 metre journey from Limmo

Peninsula, near Canning Town,

towards Victoria Dock Portal in east


Over the next three months the 1,000 tonne

machine will complete one of Crossrail’s short-

est but most complex tunnels, in close proxim-

ity to the Jubilee line, Docklands Light Railway,

River Thames and River Lea.

The drive will complete tunnelling on Cross-

rail’s southeast spur, which stretches from Step-

ney Green to Abbey Wood. Ellie’s sister tunnel-

ling machine, Jessica, completed the first of the

As Ellie begins her final journey, the ‘big

fat ladies’ that have been driving tens of

kilometres of tunnel deep under London will

soon begin singing as they draw the tunnelling

to a close.

They have earned the right to sing having

completed on the largest tunnelling projects

that have ever been done as part of a single

project. Final tunnel progress is on schedule.

However, once completed, there is still

extensive fitting out and construction works

to be done along the route and stations to be


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