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The rest were either used across corners (in-

cluding the 27 m-long MP250) or as raking props to

transfer the loads from the piled wall to concrete

thrust blocks mounted on the floor of the excava-


Groundforce technical sales engineer Roberto

Gelormini explains that because the corner-braces

and raking props were not oriented at right angles

to the forces acting on them, special connectors

were required to fix them to the Mega Brace waling

beam and concrete capping beam.

“We worked with Ian Black Consulting to

design steel shear studs that were cast into

the capping beam to transfer the shear


Another challenge was the fact that some of the

props were to be oriented on a slope as well as at a

horizontal angle to the beam.

As Roberto explained, because the props cannot

articulate in two planes, special concrete corbels

had to be cast into the beam to allow for the slope.

The four raking props were braced against heavy

steel I-beams projecting vertically from massive

concrete thrust-blocks cast into the base of the ex-


And three of the props forming

corner-braces were equipped with

mechanical lock-off to ensure they

provided the minimum stiffness re-

quired by the design.

The first props started to arrive

on site following completion of the

secant piled walls in February.

“Our close work with the

consulting engineer, plus our

ability to supply high-capacity props, meant

we were able to reduce the total number of

props supplied” says Roberto.

Groundforce used ‘flying’ props instead of rak-

ing props wherever possible as this reduced the

amount of obstruction in the excavation.

First ‘partnering’

This was Groundforce’s first major contract for

McAleer & Rushe; but Roberto hopes that its

success will ensure that it won’t be its last.

Darragh Greenan, contracts manager with

McAleer & Rushe commented:

“I found Groundforce to be extremely

professional to deal with during the design

stage. The continued onsite support

following their appointment was one of the

biggest benefits of choosing Groundforce. It

provided the site teamwith a level of support

that helped the installation, monitoring and

removal of the props to run smoothly.”


McAleer & Rushe

Some of the props were to be

oriented on a slope as well as at

a horizontal angle to the beam

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