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ain contractor, McAleer & Rushe, is

building a new £50 million four-star

establishment – with a second, three-

star, hotel next door.

The town-centre project, at Terrace Mount, oc-

cupies a sloping site that was formerly a car-park.

The two hotels are arranged in a loose L-shape and,

because of the gradient, the ground floors are on

different levels.

Construction of the foundations required a com-

plex excavation with sides varying in depth from

zero to 15 m.

The loose, sandy soil meant that considerable

mechanical support was required for the contigu-

ous piled retaining walls, until the basement slabs

and permanent concrete supports had been con-


Groundforce won the contract to supply struc-

tural support to a design by engineer Ian Black Con-

sulting. The equipment comprised 17 of the com-

pany’s modular hydraulic props in capacities from

80 to 250 tonnes.

The largest prop was an MP250 unit equipped

with 1200 mm diameter Super-Tube extensions

used to span 27 m.

Proprietary hydraulic props are usually used to

provide lateral support across an excavation from

side-to-side. However, due to the changes in ground

level on this site, only five of the props were used in

the conventional way.

Groundforce Prop Up

New Hotel Complex

The ability to value-engineer solutions on a complex excavation

resulted in Groundforce being chosen to provide its modular

hydraulic propping equipment during the early stages of a major

hotel development in Bournemouth.

The equipment comprised 17 of Groundforce modular

hydraulic props in capacities from 80 to 250 tonnes

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