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2014 Vol 4 No 4
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Specialist Package for Nuclear Engineering Project

Specialist Package for Nuclear Engineering ProjectA new Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) to be based in South Yorkshire alongside the AMRC, is currently under construction.

The new £25 million Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC), led by the University of Sheffield with Rolls-Royce, will be based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park.

Funding for the project comprises £15 million from the Department of Business, Industry and Skills and £10m from the regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward.
Concrete specialist Richlea Developments are main contractors on the scheme to install a new horizontal boring machine within NAMRC’s existing facility at Waverley Technology Park in Sheffield.

With the heavy foundations complete, the Research Centre could install the large, heavy precision engineering equipment. The largest one of its kind in a research facility in Europe, capable of manoeuvring work-pieces of up to 100 tonnes in the chuck.

The bases required to support this massive machine are being constructed in a large excavation using more than 1,200 m³ of concrete and over 100 tonnes of steel reinforcement.

The concrete foundations are supported by 78 auger-bored concrete piles, each 600 mm in diameter and spaced at 2 m centres. These were drilled from the underside of the existing floor slab before work started to excavate the surrounding material.

The excavation, which is roughly T-shaped, measures approximately 35 m long x 18 m wide and varies in depth from 3.1 m to 4.9 m.

Groundforce Shorco supplied the support system, which comprised the company’s Mega and Maxi braces with 900 Series braces of varying lengths.

Taets pile breakerThey also supplied HY6 trench sheets which were used to line the excavation whilst Piletec supplied a MS4 EMV piling hammer to install them along with a Taets pile breaker (image left) to cut down the concrete piles to the required length.

Using a modular hydraulic bracing system minimised obstructions in the excavation which was crowded with the closely-spaced piles. Working space was optimised by breaking the pile caps with the Taets machine as digging progressed. In all, about 5,000 tonnes of spoil was removed from the excavation.



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