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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
Suitable for carriers in the 43 to 80 ton
operating weight category, the 5011 model
weighs in at 4,750 kg and slots neatly into
the Rammer Large Range line-up between
the 4099 and the 7013 models to provide
customers with a complete range of
New Optiagg Support
With Optiagg, Sandvik Construction now
offers a new dimension in operational
support for its CH430, CH440 and CH660
cone crusher models.
The Optiagg takes the guesswork out
of optimising crusher performance as
there is a step-by-step process that in-
cludes analysis of the current conditions,
to identify the optimal configuration and
setup, as well as the validation of the
Temporary roadway
Ground-Guards Ltd
will be exhibiting
their lightweight temporary roadway
system for the first time at Hillhead 2014.
Lightweight plastic roadway guaranteed
unbreakable by vehicles weighing up to 120
tonnes, Ground-Guards are made
from a virtually indestructible 100%
recycled plastic and are guaranteed
unbreakable for life by vehicles
weighing up to 120 tonnes.
Weighing only 39 kg each, the
lightweight plastic panels can be
easily handled by two persons and
do not need a crane to install them.
They quickly clip together with no-
tools joiners to form site access
roads, plant compounds or tem-
porary car parks.
roadway system has a multitude of uses
and is exceedingly durable. A rapidly ex-
panding network of plant-hire companies
are offering the system to their customers,
alongside their excavators and dumpers.
Check Out
Backed by Rammer’s exclusive
Lifetime Warranty, the new
Rammer 5011 is designed using
the same operating principle as
first seen on the smaller 3288
and 4099 models.
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