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excavator. The winner will then represent
the UK and compete against operators
from across Europe at the final which will
be held in Paris later in the year.
The Case F series has been perfectly
designed to work across all aggregate pro-
duction operations.
All the machines equipped with ef-
ficient, low-emission Tier 4i engines and
fuel-saving selective catalytic reduction
technology (SCR).
The Case PROSHIFT five-speed trans-
mission has a range of features which
enables operators to work at lower rpm
and fully utilise the engine’s outstanding
Standard features include Case Quiet
Cab, a standard rear-view camera, floor-
to-ceiling windows and improved lighting
system. Joystick steering is an option.
Case’s C series crawler excavators are
fully-equipped to work in the most de-
manding applications, ranging from waste
re-handling to demolition, rock handling
and mass excavation.
A big attraction will be the M Series
dozers which use highly-efficient hydro-
static transmissions to deliver a class-
leading drawbar pull - 311 kN for the
1650M model. They are powered exclu-
sively by Tier 4i FPT engines and they also
use SCR technology to achieve lower emis-
sions with improved fuel consumption.
Against the previous model, the M
Series machines boast a 9-16% increase
in power, yet deliver more than 10% fuel
saving, along with a 19% increase in pro-
ductive efficiency.
Page 46
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
Sidewall protection
from RUD
For dumptrucks, tyre-protection chains
slow the trucks down and raise fuel con-
sumption, RUD have researched and de-
veloped the Sideflex as an innovative and
robust device that offers a practical so-
lution to the problem of sidewall damage
to tyres.
Sideflex is an easy-to-fit, lightweight
shield which simply deflects rock and
debris from the tyre wall.
Protective arms radiate from a central
retaining ring and form a shield covering
the entire sidewall.
Suitable for use across a wide range
of wheel rims and tyre sizes, The compo-
nents are quick and easy to assemble; the
mounting ring is simply secured to the rim
assembly through a selection of specific
adapter nuts and extension supports.
The innovation has been tried and
tested across working environments and is
now a patented RUD product.The concept
is simple, effective and, most importantly,
does what it says – protects the tyre walls.
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