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The 150 metre long machine is named after
Queen Victoria and began her journey at
Limmo Peninsula in east London at the
end of 2012.
She broke into the huge underground
space at Whitechapel, where work is
taking place 35 metres below the surface,
to create over a kilometre of new
platform and passenger tunnels for the
new Crossrail station.
During the second half of 2014, whilst
tunnelling will continue, the project’s focus
will begin to shift to the substantial job of
fitting out the stations and tunnels.
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson,
said: “With three quarters of tunnelling
complete, we’re tantalisingly close to fin-
ishing what is without doubt a monumental
feat of engineering. It’s quite remarkable
what the Crossrail team has achieved so
far and we now look forward to the next
exciting stage of the project - the fitting
out of the Crossrail stations of the future.”
Rail Minister Stephen Hammond said:
“Crossrail is set to transform rail travel
across the South East when it opens in
2018, improving journeys for thousands
of passengers and securing long-term
economic benefits across the region and
beyond. This is a major milestone in the
Crossrail project, and I am delighted with
the progress that is being made.”
Crossrail Chief Executive Andrew
Wolstenholme said: “Our tunnelling
marathon deep beneath the streets of
the capital is continuing apace with the
construction of the new rail tunnels now
three quarters complete. Over the past
two years, our huge machines have built
more than 19 miles of tunnels and re-
moved more than two million tonnes of
Making Progress
• In the west, the tunnels between the
Royal Oak Portal and Farringdon
are complete.
• In the east, Victoria and Elizabeth
have reached Whitechapel; Ellie is
heading towards Stepney Green and
Jessica is being prepared to com-
plete Crossrail’s shortest tunnel
drive between Limmo Peninsula and
Victoria Dock.
• On the south east section of the
route, Sophia has finished her drive
and Mary is heading under the
When Crossrail opens in 2018, it will
increase London’s rail-based transport
network capacity by 10 per cent.
Page 33
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
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