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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
• Construction of Custom House station
gets underway as first sections of
the new building arrive on site
• Station segments constructed in East
Midlands and transported to the capital
The first sections of the new Crossrail Custom House
station have arrived on site in Docklands after making
the journey from the factory in the East Midlands.
The component parts of the new station are being
fabricated in the state of the art Laing O’Rourke
factory in Steetley and will now be assembled on site
in East London.
The first sections to be delivered comprise
columns and platform beams and slabs, which have
been installed using a 120 tonne crane.
Building large sections of the station off site saves
time and money and ensures that disruption to resi-
dents, existing rail services and the nearby ExCeL
London conference and exhibition centre are mini-
mised as far as possible.
The Crossrail station is being built on the site of
the former station and will include a
new ticket hall, an interchange with the
Docklands Light Railway with access
between platforms and street level.
Linda Miller, Project Manager at
Custom House said: “A bit like a
complex puzzle, piece by piece, we’ll be
assembling the new station at Custom
House over the next eighteen months.”
Station Jigsaw
Pieces Come
With the former station
demolished, pre-cast modules
for the new station can
start to be put together.
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