Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2 - page 28

Lane to one of Europe’s largest mined
caverns at Stepney Green, Tunnel Boring
Machine (TBM) Jessica made a 5 kilometre
journey to her next launch point at the
project’s eastern tunnel’s Limmo Peninsula
site at Canning Town.
To make the trip, Jessica was dismantled,
lifted out in pieces by crane, loaded onto
heavy load carrying flatbeds and trans-
ported from Stepney by road in a series of
carefully managed operations taking place
during a month long process.
On Sunday 6 April, Jessica’s iconic 7.1
metre diameter cutterhead and 65 tonne
shield were driven through the streets –
and through the Limehouse Link Tunnel –
before being unloaded at Limmo Peninsula
to be re-assembled and put back to work
constructing the final Crossrail tunnels
between Limmo andVictoria Dock Portal.
Dragados Sisk Joint Venture, the con-
tractor constructing Crossrail’s eastern
running tunnels, have spent several months
working with the Metropolitan Police and
local authorities to carefully plan the route
through the heart of east London.
The planners had to take into consider-
ation more than just the dimensional sizes
of the units. Careful consideration also
had to be given to any points along the
planned route where the ground support
capacity was questionable. However, as
they say “Job well done.”
The size of the engineers
against the cutting
head illustrates the
size of the components
that traversed the
streets of London
Page 28
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
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