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The completed bridge was then
loaded onto a lorry for transport to
site on the appointed day.
Working closely with the EA and
the local council, ECS arranged for a
Liebherr LTM 10.70 mobile crane, on
hire from Ainscough, to lift the old
bridge out of position and allow the
installation of the new bridge.
About ECS
ECS Engineering Services has over
20 years experience in delivering
high quality, reliable and cost effective
engineering solutions, specialising in
bespoke design and construction of
water, energy and environmental pro-
cessing and management projects.
In partnership with Landustrie
Archimedes screw pumps and
Waterfront Fluid Controls, ECS has
the expertise and capacity to design
and install a wide range of water
control engineering projects.
The new maintenance-free bridge
was designed and manufactured
by ECS from recycled plastic
and a steel sub-frame.
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