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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
replaced with a more durable design
incorporating KLP® recycled plastic.
ECS Engineering Services, which has
a number of framework contracts with
the EA, was tasked with removing the
existing footbridge and installing the
new maintenance-free bridge designed and
manufactured by ECS from recycled plastic
and a steel sub-frame.The new design has
a very similar look to the original bridge
but it is weather resistant, providing up to
twice the anti-slip properties of wood, es-
pecially in wintery
closely resembles the old footbridge from
a visual perspective and measures nearly
10 m in length. The sub-frame is con-
structed from steel,with two strengthened
lifting points incorporated to allow the
entire structure to be lifted into place by a
mobile crane.The remainder of the bridge,
the posts, handrails and boards are all con-
structed from KLP.
James Wesley, Operations Manager at
ECS comments,“This revolutionary design
holds several benefits for everyone in-
volved.The plastic material is easy to work
with and has a high quality finish. It is main-
tenance free, with no danger of rotting
or splintering, while at the same time it is
sustainable and environmentally friendly,
which it wouldn’t normally be if it were
constructed using only virgin materials.”
The use of recycled plastic materials
supports the EA corporate strategy of
encouraging the use of more sustainable
products and services and to promote
sustainable development.
As a framework contractor for the EA,
ECS understands this and the many other
requirements of the contract, including
safe working practices and quality control
systems all of which are closely followed.
The raw materials for the bridge were
machined and drilled to match the engi-
neering design before being assembled
by the ECS engineers at the production
From the initial design, to
fabrication, construction and
installation, ECS has provided
the complete package within
the allotted timeframe.
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