Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2 - page 22

the Environment Agency – with repairs to
over 350 defences already completed..
A further 650 assets have repairs
planned or underway, to restore pro-
tection to a further 180,000 properties.
Armed forces
and Environment
Agency inspect
over 150,000 flood
Environment Agency flood asset in-
spectors with the support of more than
200 members of the armed forces have
completed an assessment of over 150,000
flood risk management assets across the
Following the extraordinary combi-
nation of severe weather and flooding since
early December 2013, the Environment
Agency called in assistance from military
personnel to help in visually inspecting and
recording the condition of England’s flood
Getting on with the repairs
Dr Paul Leinster, Environment Agency
Chief Executive, said: “Many of the flood
risk management assets damaged in the
extreme weather since December have al-
ready been repaired, restoring protection,
and peace of mind, to many communities
across the country.
“But there is still much more to do, and
thanks to the completed inspections we
now have a full picture of the condition
of all the flood risk management assets
across the country. We have prioritised
the most urgent repairs.”
Flooding Minister, Dan Rogerson, said:
“Our flood defences took a battering over
the winter but we are getting on with the
job of repairing them.
Page 22
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
Beaches that took a
bettering during the
unprecedented series
of storms and tidal
surges are rapidly
being ‘made good’ with
the aid of excavators
and track dozers.
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