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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
Flood Alert
Environment Agency
Respond to Flood & Tidal
Flood protection
restored to 115,000
The EnvironmentAgency has just produced
its latest report (April 21st) reporting on
actions being taken in response to the
extreme weather that highlighted
the critical state of many of the UK’s flood
defences or lack of any form..
• 350 damaged flood risk management
assets already repaired following winter
flood and storm damage restoring pro-
tection to 115,000 properties
• Over 150,000 flood risk management
assets inspected in the wake of severe
storms and flooding
• Over 100 Environment Agency flood
risk management specialist inspectors,
aided by around 200 members of the
armed forces took six weeks to com-
plete the inspections
Many of the flood risk assets that
were damaged in the extreme weather
since December are being repaired by
Army engineers work alongside
Environment Agency personnel to
determine actions necessary to minimize
the risk of flooding in the future.
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