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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
The threat of flooding in the UK is sig-
nificant, with over 5.5 million properties
classed as ‘at risk’, according to assess-
ments across the country by Government
Those same reports are clear that,
with climate change and further urban de-
velopment, the situation is only likely to
Despite Government investment in im-
proving and extending flood defences, they
also acknowledge that there will always be
a need for protection at property level.
However, there are some things that
developers, builders and existing home-
owners can do. The Floodbreaker range
of flood defence products offers some
protection for domestic properties.
“With this range, we’ve put together
a package of products that will help
homeowners to protect their properties
from the devastating consequences of a
flood event,” explained Glenn Cartledge,
Flexseal’s Commercial Manager.
“This range covers flood defence in
several different ways,whilst being practical
and affordable. Installing such measures
also helps homeowners to gain flood in-
surance or to lower their premiums.”
“Flood resistance measures are often
sufficient to ensure no interior damage to
a property. However,
during a significant
flood event, some
water may still enter
the property. In those
situations, flood re-
sistance measures can
buy homeowners val-
uable time to take further
protective action,” Glenn
The Floodbreaker range
There are several solutions in the range.
One is an easily-fitted door barrier that
prevents water entering via gaps in the
frame whilst allowing the homeowner to
open the door during flooding.
It requires minimal changes to the
property, with only small, unobtrusive
holes visible while the flood barrier is in
storage. It is easy to fit into place if a flood
event is anticipated.
The Intelligent air brick is a ‘fit and
forget’ solution. The smart air brick func-
tions as a standard air brick in normal
circumstances, yet its internal mechanism
swiftly blocks the ventilation holes on
contact with flood water.
A single unprotected air brick can allow
50,000 litres of water into a property in an
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