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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
with more efficient use of materials to get
710 metres long and two metres high em-
bankment stabilisation using green plastic
coated welded mesh with a 120 year
design life.
“Our Enviromesh system has a steel
mesh base unit to create and stabilise
the slope for the flood bank, along with
horizontal tails that provide the soil
“The fact that it is an all-in-one unit
saves the time and cost that would have
been taken in onsite assembly.We carried
out full trials in our factory before training
the site team to install the product.”
The system was approved for use
by both the Environment Agency and
Network Rail and is now being sold by
the manufacturers as a solution for other
geotechnical solutions requiring soil rein-
forced structures.
Keith Dorling, managing director at
Burdens, said: “BAM Nuttall asked us if
we could provide any alternative products
to the one specified and as specialists in
this area, we were able to work with one
of our suppliers to design a bespoke pre-
assembled system that saved time and cost
on the project.
“Not only has the system helped to en-
hance flood defences for the area and the
Great Yarmouth to Norwich rail line but
it provides a wider and more secure crest
for walkers, along a popular public right of
Missed Opportunity?
A longer term solution proposed but not
been proceeded was for a technologically
advanced tidal energy harvester and flood
Lowestoft research and development
firm, 4NRG, built a 7 m long harvester
prototype with the help of a £92,000 grant
from the East of England Development
Their first objective had been to build
tidal energy generators for use at the site
of windfarms to help bring down the cost
of producing wind energy.
He said:“The whole of the North Sea is
very promising, because of the strong tidal
flow. Tidal energy is more regular than
wind and can be harnessed four times a
day as the tide goes in and out.”
The barriers would help pay for them-
selves with revenues gained from gener-
ating electricity.They would generate a re-
liable supply of renewable energy in almost
any weather and at times of a very high
or surge tide, the shutters would close to
serve as a flood defence.
The completed works.
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