Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2 - page 18

as well as being a popular footpath with
walkers and a significant conservation area.
This section of bank is vulnerable to
erosion and had not received any major
improvement works for decades, leaving
parts of it relatively low and with a narrow
crest width.
As part of the wider 20 year Broadland
Flood Alleviation Project, BAM Nuttall was
appointed as main contractor specifically
to carry out floodbank strengthening and
footpath resurfacing along this stretch of
the River Yare.
While another soil reinforced mesh
product was originally spec-
ified, BAM Nuttall consulted
specialist supplier, Burdens,
who advised that a significant
time and cost saving could be
achieved with a specially de-
signed slope system.
Enviromesh visited the site
and designed an all-in-one
steel mesh facing unit that would create,
retain and support the flood bunds, as well
as providing the grass protection mesh
which needed to be installed on the new
floodbank crest to reduce erosion caused
by walkers and ensure the footpath could
be reopened as soon as possible.
Neil Holmes, commercial director at
Enviromesh, explained:“We visited the site
and were able to design an all encompassing
mesh system specifically for the needs of
this project, which was much more cost ef-
fective than the original specification.
“We created an all-in-one unit design,
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