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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
Using Aarsleff ’s own Junttan PM20 rigs
five 300 mm square and three 350 mm
square Greenheart timber piles were
driven into the underlying chalk seabed.
Work was scheduled for the Spring, as
this would maximise the working low-tide
Storms Cause Problem
The British weather did its best to reduce
this window further, as the winter storms
eroded the seabed to the south of the pier,
resulting in a further reduced tidal working
To overcome this, Worthing Borough
Council constructed a piling mat using
recycled seabed material from the east of
the Pier. This provided a stable working
platform approx. 400 mm higher than the
existing seabed level, resulting in a tidal
working window of 4 - 4.5 hours.
This increased tidal working window
meant the works were completed ahead
of schedule with all piles installed over
two tides, instead of the anticipated eight
tides the programme of works initially had
KD Engineering now has the task of
rebuilding the timber structure in time for
the International Worthing Birdman event
on 12-13th July 2014.
Speaking about the project, Alistair
Ktori, Managing Director, KD Engineering
said “Aarsleff exceeded our expectations
with professionalism and efficiency.
“We first worked with Aarsleff back
in April 2010 and the project went very
smoothly and without problems.
“This time, with the added knowledge
of what we were doing, the work was com-
pleted in a quarter of the time allowed.We
look forward to working with Aarsleff and
their crew again in the near future.”
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