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Britain’s most
famous street
This 7.7 acre facility provides
film, production and support
facilities for one of ITV’s
Coronation Street at Trafford
A total of 54,000 cobbles
have been used, many re-
covered from canal side devel-
opments in Salford and Eccles and there
are over 400,000 facing bricks on the lot,
of which 144,000 were reclaimed from a
derelict Salford street. Every last idiosyn-
crasy of the set had to be duplicated - so,
for example, if the brickwork was ‘bad’ on
a particular building on the old set, it had
to be equally ‘bad’ on the new one.
It has taken over 60 organisations and
over 3,000 people to create and build
Coronation Street’s new home.
From Bland to Grand
A property owner in Bognor Regis has suc-
cessfully transformed the appearance of
his home with the help of Marley Eternit’s
Being as quick and easy to install as
timber meant that the owner, with the
help of his joiner son, was able to install
the Cedral Weatherboard cladding in just
a weekend, minimising labour costs in the
“I chose CedralWeatherboard as it is a
substantial material and looked extremely
good in comparison to plastic-based
boarding”,saidMr Fish,thehomeowner.“My
son and I attended a ‘CedralWeatherboard
Training Road Show’ organised by Marley
Eternit at Covers of Chichester and this
proved to be very useful when we came to
fitting the product.”
Page 14
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
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