a i r cond i t i on i ng , an a i r-
s u s p e n d e d s e a t a n d
c omp l e t e l y a d j u s t a b l e
controls, all operators will be
able to find a comfortable
working position, reducing
f a t i g u e a nd i n c r e a s i n g
The viscous mounted and
noise insulated cabin has
ergonomically designed arm
rests and foot pedals, glass
panels have been designed
to give excellent visibility to
all sides of the machines. A
rear view camera, fitted as
standard, further enhances
visibility to the rear.
Tinted safety glass, sun blinds and transparent rain
protection above the front window enhance working
conditions, while the automatic air conditioning maintains a
comfortable in-cab climate for more productive work. A hot
and cool box, plenty of storage compartments, a radio with
USB support, a microphone for handsfree conversation,
a front aux. port and a 12V auxiliary socket complete the
operator’s comfortable workstation.
All travel functions have been centralised on the steering column, with other switchgear grouped for ease of
reach. A new LCD multifunction monitor provides information for the operator and integrated diagnostic functions
for service engineers.
Reduced Operating Costs
All three excavators have new long life bushings as part of their robust boom and arm design. These provide 500
hour greasing intervals for the WX168 and WX188 and 100 hour intervals for the WX148. Safety valves are standard
on the main boom, and Case offers a handling kit including dipper arm safety valves, loading hook or eye and an
overload warning system as an option.
Wide opening service access doors provide excellent ground level serviceability, with remote mounted oil and
fuel filters along with remote grouping for grease points. A refuelling pump is easily reached from ground level and
the machines have side by side radiators for maximum cooling efficiency. There is a removable net protecting the
radiators, making it easier to clean the cooling pack in dusty conditions.
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