Page 31 - Contractors World - UK & Ireland Edition Vol 2 No 7

Page 31
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7
Another first - A brand new 4CX Wastemaster from JCB
At RWM 2012, JCB added the brand new 4CX Wastemaster backhoe loader to its well-established range for the waste
and recycling industry - developed to deliver high levels of efficiency, versatility and cost savings.
This is not a compromise machine but on developed in line with extensive customer evaluation and fitted with
purpose-built features. The backhoe loader is transformed into a purpose designed, production model for arduous
waste environments. With its ability to power an extensive range of specialist attachments, the JCB 4CXWM model –
JCB’s first dedicated backhoe loader for the industry – will be a welcome solution in the non-stop working environment
typically found at Household Waste Recycling Centres, also known as Civic Amenity Sites.
Globally, the backhoe loader is already one of JCB’s biggest selling machines into waste, recycling and demolition
applications, with large volume sales in Asia and South America and a strong presence in specific European markets.
The latest model is competitively priced which is less than the wheeled excavator typically seen on site. Its ability
to perform a variety of roles also eliminates the need for other machines such as forklift or pallet trucks –further
increasing cost savings.
The specialist model incorporates additional length rear stabilisers and a front frame incorporating hydraulic
legs. This combination raises the entire machine well clear of the ground, offering exceptional views into a bin when
compacting material with either a grapple or compaction wheel attachment.
However,with the range of additional attachments including grabs for handling waste material and a sweeper
collector for keeping the site clean and tidy, there is opportunity for high utilisation. Furthermore, a unique hook lift
for manoeuvring bins and skips gives clear advantages over other machines in terms of site productivity.
Versatility at both ends
The range of purpose-designed bucket options opens up a wide array of typical waste re-handling tasks. At the
loader end, users can choose between high-capacity general-purpose, 6-in-1, or top grab buckets depending on the
application and nature of the load. At the excavator end, a hydraulic jaw bucket or a mechanical grapple both deliver
highly effective materials handling capabilities.
Safety on site is enhanced by superb all round visibility from the cab, high visibility stabiliser chevrons, convex
mirrors, rotating beacon and a reversing alarm. Machine protection is assured with the inclusion of additional boom
protection, rear screen impact protection, light guards and puncture protected tyres.
The high specification new machine is founded on JCB’s world leading 4CX backhoe loader. It features the powerful
kW (100 hp) JCB Dieselmax engine and incorporates innovations such as Advanced EasyControl and 4-speed
Powershift transmission with TorqueLock.