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Nationwide Platforms at centre stage of striking Covent Garden PR stunt

The action of an extravagant PR stunt taking place in the heart of London has been captured thanks to a truck mounted platform supplied by Natonwide Platorms’ Specialist Vehicles division.

Public Relatons specialists The Ministry of Fun, who are known for their creaton of unique publicity stunts, utlised the powered access platorm to photograph and flm 200 people in fesh-covered body suits creatng the shape of a gigantc human hand.

The stunt, which took place in Covent Garden at the end of last year to raise awareness of Dupuytrens Disease (a conditon that afect the hands), was commissioned by Pfzer; and the video of the event gained over 40,000 hits on YouTube in its frst week.

Nationwide Platforms deployed a 27 metre Ruthmann truck mounted platorm from their market leading feet to allow the agency to capture all the acton from above.

The machine a l so came wi th i ts own operator, a l lowing photographers to concentrate on securing the perfect shots whilst the p l at form was manoeuvred into the perfect positon.

James Lovell, Managing Director of The Ministry of Fun, said: “The machine provided to us by Natonwide Platorms was ideal for helping us capture this stunt in a short space of tme. We hired the machine over two days, taking the opportunity to have a test run on the frst day before the stunt was completed on the second day.”

With the event taking place in London, a specialist truck mounted platorm was ideal because of its mobility, meaning it could be quickly driven onto and away from the site as required.

Providing access to a working height of 27 metres, the machine was also ideal for allowing a flm crew and photographers to capture the ‘hand’ from the kind of aerial angle that really captured its life-like movement.

This event is one of the latest examples where Nationwide Platorms has provided powered access for photography, broadcastng or cinematography, having recently supplied equipment for the 2011 Golf Open Championship, the latest Harry Poter flm, RAF Fairford, and the Royal Wedding broadcasts.

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New image but same objective

The Lighthouse Club has given itself a make-over with new logo and colour styling. Although the look may have changed their work is never ending and the same as always - caring for those who, through no fault of their own - are efected by an severe injury or death in the constructon industry.

To do this valuable work, they need the support of the industry. Donatons are easily made - all it takes is to click here.

Why should you make a donaton? Because it could be you who the Lighthouse Club is helping.

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