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Editorial Comment

A new year . . .a new beginning . . . or is it?

Welcome to 2012 and our first issue in this Olympian Year. So who is going to win the gold medals and who is going to fall short and fail miserably?

One winner for certain, if the industry really gets behind them and gives a lot of support is

the Lighthouse Club who deserve a medal for the good work they do in helping the less fortunate in the constructon industry.

A favourite for a gold medal must be the Government with their initatves for HS2, infrastructure works, rural broadband, apprentces schemes and more. They could be the bookies favourite but, then again, politicians have been known to procrastnate and they do not like difcult ground conditons. Because of this, they may even fail to fnish - especially in the hurdles or high jump. More likely to win the marathon than the sprint events.

What about Boris? Many think his scheme for a Thames estuary airport all pie-in-the sky if you will excuse the pun, but now others are seeing some sense in the idea and even the Government is showing an interest. However, Boris Johnson has yet to qualify and he may be ousted by Ken Livingstone, whose enthusiasm for the scheme has been somewhat muted. A possible for the high-jump or the pole vault if he can get enough support.

Never mind natonal government, what about local authorites? There is a desperate need for new builds and the constructon industry would welcome such initiatives, but they have under performed in recent times although promising much. A lot of uncertainty here and while the leaders are well fnanced, it has to be seen if this leaves sufcient funds to put up a challenger in any track event . . .even for bronze. However, could be worth an each-way-bet because they could score high in synchronized swimming as they all try to stay afoat

The banks and fnance companies have everything it takes to be a winner in more than one event but in recent tmes they have seriously failed to live up to expectatons. They remain something of a dark horse and may yet show their true strength and become deserved winners of several gold medals - but do not bet on it. Could be very good in the diving?

Finally, the European Union. Has always shown a lot of potental in the relay and team sports, especially with hockey as they are very good at playing foul when it’s appropriate. But if they are going to win a medal this year it will be in something that atracts a lot of atenton - not the 100 m because that is too fast for them. More likely to be volley ball - looks good. They were a contender for the synchronized swimming but several members became too bloated and the ability to remain above water is in doubt.

One gold winner for certain, is the constructon industry - they champion all sorts of races in difcult conditons and all too ofen against the clock. One bet you can depend on to deliver a good return.

Basically, 2012 promises a lot . . . but don’t hold your breath.. Oh, by the way happy New Year!

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