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PLANTWORX - shaping the show and how demonstrations are key.

Despite the usual quiet tme for business over the Christmas and New Year periods, the PLANTWORX team remained busy developing the event and selling exhibiton space. With just sixteen months to go untl the inaugural event takes place at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire (14-16 May 2013) the show’s organisers had their work cut out for them over the festve season, and whilst enjoying the odd mince pie or two, shaping the event and its zones remained priority!

PLANTWORX exhibiton director, Simon Frere-Cook reported on the latest developments from the organisers’ camp, “As a team we are delighted and very grateful for the support that we contnue to receive throughout the industry and as we head towards the end of January we have 50 exhibitors commited to the event and Angela Spink (PLANTWORX sales manager) is being kept very busy dealing with inquiries from others - space is selling fast, so I would encourage those of you who are not yet commited - not to delay too long in making your decision to join us.”

Space is indeed selling fast - to-date over 43% of the show stand space has now been sold. The demonstraton areas of the show have also proved incredibly popular, with key exhibitors securing their plots well in advance of the show. Such has been the early interest in displaying kit in operaton at PLANTWORX that 79% of the demonstraton

plots in the ‘Dig Zone’ have already been snapped up.

‘Meaningful’ demonstrations are planned for PLANTWORX 2013

The ofcial descripton of PLANTWORX 2013 is ‘The UK’s Dedicated Working Constructon Exhibition’. Here the operative word is ‘working ’ and the intention is to create a really profitable day, away from the site or office for visitors, by presenting meaningful demonstratons of the latest machines and atachments.

The Dig Zone at PLANTWORX will provide plenty of opportunity for the newest earthmovers and site equipment to be evaluated in acton. Exhibitors with demonstraton plots will be actively encouraged to stage realistic displays to show exactly how their products can make sites safer and more productive. A particular focus will be on promotng the correct selecton and use of atachments and instrumentaton to carry out diferent tasks much more efciently.

Having visited constructon equipment shows since 1963 as a student, plant advisor (with a major UK contractor) and member of the constructon press, Nick Johnson has established strong views on what consttutes a worthwhile exhibiton demonstraton. He has agreed to help the PLANTWORX organisers work closely with those companies taking demonstration plots to ensure that this valuable resource is best used to really highlight the operatonal and economic benefts of new products.

Nick Johnson (right) says, “It is very easy to atract atenton by having well known machines ‘dance’ or build ‘mountains’. But an exhibiton presents an excellent opportunity to really help get new concepts notced and established. The trick is show of new products operatng contnuously in a realistc setng so that, when visitors stop and watch, their full practcal advantages can be immediately grasped.”

PLANTWORX intends to capitalise on its ability to provide visitors with the chance to evaluate many new ideas and concepts in acton. By publicising the ‘demonstraton delights’ in advance

A Contractors World exclusive article - proud to be a media partner with the Plantworx event

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