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Site Equipment

JCB adds top-of-the-range

telescopic handler and more

JCB has added the high capaci ty 550-80

Loadall to its telescopic handler line. This high capacity telehandler brings the range to 15 models ranging from the extremely compact 515-40 with a lif capacity 1.5 t to 4 m to the 550-80 which can lif 4.99 t. to 8.1 m powered by a 97 kW DieselMax engine. This new models also benefts from a 140 litres/min variable fow hydraulics and Hi-fow pipework for optmised cycle tmes and auxiliary service performance.

The 8.1 m lif height, 4.99 tonne maximum lif capacity machine has been developed in direct response to customer demand for a machine with greater lif performance at reach. With servo controls as standard, operators beneft from low lever eforts and excellent ergonomics. On optons is the Smooth Ride System which ofers improved load retenton and increased comfort in load and carry operatons.

With loading operatons in mind, high dump and roll-back angles of 46° and 34° respectvely, ensure excellent material retenton and stockpiling for efcient lorry or hopper loading.

The inner boom uses a splayed nose design to maximise structural integrity while also incorporatng Z-bar bucket linkage. This system provides 6.5 tonnes of breakout force – an increase of more than 50 per cent on the current 541 Wastemaster.

New mini-excavators fills the gap

To meet customer demand and fill a need between the 8025 ZTS and 8030 ZTS mini-excavators, JCB is introducing the 8026 CTS. This is a 2.7 tonne machine which joins the 8025 ZTS in the line-up, ofering a conventonal layout with a trailer towable transport weight and increased lifting capacity. Contractors World has been told that the 8026 is scheduled to go into producton around April although dealers are promotng it now and will begin taking order shortly. The latest mini features short pitch tracks and auto kick-down, with 11% increase in travel speed; a new valve block with 17% longer spool travel ofering increased precision control and undercarriage designed for easier cleaning

It neatly sits alongside the zero tailswing 8025 ZTS, offering customers the alternative of compact design with corresponding increased digging capacity.

The machine uses a dedicated boom and dipper arm, offering, according to JCB, greater digging and lifting performance than compettve models. Increased efciency allows the 8026 CTS to use the same engine family as the 8025 ZTS, with a similar torque output, but with a lower power ratng providing a 14% efciency gain.

This is partly due to the introduction of the new efficient auto kick down track motors. In addition the hydraulic system now features full control isolaton when the lef hand armrest is raised improving safety on site.

Operators will find easier cab access with more leg room and a further 50 mm of seat adjustment for increased comfort. The improved cab stowage and the opton of air conditoning further improve the cab environment. Customers can opt for electro-proportonal auxiliary controls and the bucket to grab changeover opton increases machine versatlity with a wide range of atachments.

Page 25 - cwuk-2-1

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