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New website for JCB Insurance Services

A new website has been launched by JCB Insurance Services to help companies buy their insurance quickly and securely online.

The site offers a wide range of insurance products including ‘al l risks’ plant insurance and hired-in plant insurance, both with optional road risks’ cover and extensions. Also offered online is public liability and employers’ liability insurance specifically designed for plant hirers, groundworks contractors and civil engineering contractors with exclusive features such as an eight metre depth l imit. There is also the option to spread the payments using a secure direct debit payment system.

Michael Gregory, Director and General Manager said: “Our new websi te was developed wi th our customers firmly in mind. It aims to take care of the insurance needs of a large number of companies quickly, easily and securely. We have however made sure that there is full support from our Head Office team for customers who stll prefer to speak to someone about their quote before buying insurance online.”

E xc l u s i ve t o J CB I n s u ran c e , Hiremaster short term hired in plant insurance has been refreshed and is also available to purchase up to 30 days cover online and for the first tme,

A s a n i n s u r a n c e b r o k e r recommended by the Contractors Plant Associaton (CPA), JCB Insurance has worked closely with the industry to ensure the new websi te gives customers the insurance products they need as quickly and simply as possible.

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JCB Insurance

Survey on

Personal Protective Equipment

Contractors World believe that site safety can never be over stated and, as such, is pleased to ask readers to support the survey request from the TUC. We believe that most of our readers will be compliant with regulatons and, therefore, encourage you to get your workers to complete the survey to provide a balanced report that shows that most companies are fully compliant but that there is stll some companies that are not applying the law as required.

As we have seen in so many instances, Government all too ofen rushes through legislation to enforce a regulation but without thinking of the impact that it has on the industry as a whole, which is compliant.

The TUC is conducting an on-line survey among workers that use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In the survey the TUC wants to fnd out whether employers are supplying it and who is paying for it. The TUC will use the information both to increase awareness of the problem and also to try to get the HSE and Local Authorites to take acton against employers who are breaking the law.

PPE includes all equipment which is intended to be worn or held by a worker to protect him against risks to his health or safety. Examples are safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses, overalls, sunscreens, etc. Due to the nature of construction work most workers in our sector will be wearing one or more items of PPE in the course of a working day.

You might be aware that an employer cannot charge an employee for PPE, whether it is returnable or not. This includes agency workers if they are legally regarded as employees.

The survey is very simple to fill in and should not take more than a couple of minutes. It can be found at by clicking here .

In the UK & Ireland, site safety is taken seriously but that is not the case around the world. How many infringements can you spot in this constructon site in Burundi? (Note: the men stand around while the women do all the work!)

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Page 23 - cwuk-2-1

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