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held the view that a reduction in VAT to 5 per cent, both on Green Deal work and Green Deal equivalent energy efficiency work, is vital to send the right signals to the consumer as wel l as making the Golden Rule more achievable.

“The Association welcomes the proposal for a cash back scheme for homeowners, based on the degree of improvement as measured by EPCs. However, in the longer term the government should base the level of stamp duty for the purchase of homes both on price and EPC rating. Such a system is already used with company car tax where both price and CO2 emissions set the taxable benefits and this has radically changed company car choice over a number of years. There seems to be no reason why such a dual price and environmental performance based system, could not have the same impact on home purchases, albeit over a longer period of tme.

“Finally, there must be further work carried out on a transiton process between the existng CERT scheme and ECO. As things stand, there will be a catastrophic collapse in cavity wall and lof insulaton work at the end of this year when the CERT scheme fnishes. It is essental that the new ECO arrangements provide for a short period of contnued support for cavity wall and lof insulaton, whilst the Green Deal becomes established.”

CBI say an opportunity but . .

In its response to the Government’s consultation on The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligaton, the UK’s leading business group said making the Green Deal as consumer-friendly as possible will be critcal to its success, especially at a tme when household budgets are tght. The CBI welcomes the Government ’s allocation of £200m to incentvise early adopton of the Green Deal, and believes a simple voucher for early adopters, similar to the successful boiler scrappage scheme, could help to give it a kick-start.

Rhian Kelly, (left) CBI Director for Business Environment, said: “Without demand we haven’t got a Green Deal. Businesses are ready to work with the Government to excite and incentivise consumers, by emphasising the cost-saving as well as the carbon-saving benefts. “ The Green Dea l has the potental to play a key part in the UK’s transiton to a low-carbon economy. If successful, the Green Deal will be a win-win policy, delivering cost-efectve emissions reductons and driving private-sector growth.” The CBI is calling on the Government to make cost-efectveness a priority when implementng the Green Deal and ECO. This will help enable the Green Deal to meet the “Golden Rule” - that antcipated cost savings for consumers will be greater than or equal to annual Green Deal charges. Striking the right balance between consumer protecton

The Business Of Health & Safety

Constructon industry professionals and ICE members gathered in London in December to discuss the business case for improved health and safety in the workplace at the ICE & Costain 2011 Health & Safety Lecture.

Hosted by Costain’s Envi ronment Managing Di rector, Alan Kay, speakers from Government, regu l at i on and emp l oyers d i scussed whether investment in occupational health brought universal benefits to individuals, businesses and the taxpayer, and whether health and safety actually improved operational performance by reducing the propensity for accidents to happen on site.

Speakers included Dame Carol Black, Professor of

Rheumatology at UCL and the first National Director for Health and Work whose Department of Works and Pensions review “Working for a Healthier Tomorrow” found that ill health amongst the working populaton costs the UK £100 billion a year.

Also speaking was Philip White, the HSE’s Chief Inspector of Construction and formerly an advisor at the DWP, and Lawrence Waterman, the Head of Health & Safety at the Olympic Delivery Authority, who was previously Occupational Health Advisor to Heathrow Terminal 5, and a founder-member of Sypol, a risk management services company specialising in health and safety.

Commentng on the event, Alan Kay said: “I would like to thank the speakers and everyone who atended the lecture for making it a success. The health and general wellbeing of a workforce is at the forefront of what we do as a business and fostering a safe working environment is imperative for protecting all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and the general public.”

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Pictured lef to right: Lawrence Waterman; Philip White; Dame Carol Black; Mike Napier, Costain Business Development Manager; Alan Kay, Costain’s Environment Managing Director and Richard Coakley

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