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side markers. A further feature that Wainwright chose from the opton list was independent cab heatng which runs of the engine’s hot water.

“This is our fifth loading shovel from Volvo and whilst our selection this time around was a close run thing with compettve machines we chose the ofering from Volvo based on our strong relatonship and past good experiences with the previous machines,” said quarry manager Kevin Sargant. “We’ve enjoyed excellent service from the previous models running up to in excess of 25000 relatvely trouble free hours and we are expectng the new G model to live up to that heritage,” he contnued.

The loader specifications

The L180G which features a 13 litre Tier IIIB compliant 333 hp engine, optshif transmission and axles, all designed and manufactured by Volvo, has a full turn tpping load of 17.2 tonnes and boasts a 20% increase in lifing force and 10% increase in breakout force over its predecessor. This coupled to the engine output with high torque at low engine rpm has resulted in faster cycle tmes and increased productvity.

Two stronger, variable displacement load-bearing axial piston pumps and hoses have been introduced to handle the increased pressures. These provide superior control of the load as well as high breakout force, faster lifing and tlt functons. A new hydraulic cooling system has been designed to reduce the working temperatures by up to 20°C over the F series model.

Moving in to road surfacing

Spearheading Wainwright’s drive into the road surfacing business is a new Volvo ABG6870 wheeled paver, supplied in white livery denotng the fact that Wainwright are members of the industry’s paver safety group. Won afer ferce competton during the tender stage, the new machine has been immediately put to work on what will become a diverse range of paving applicatons from small private driveways to large motorway and trunk road re-surfacing contracts. Heading up Wainwright’s surfacing division is Geof Shearn who has many years of experience in the surfacing industry and with Titan ABG’s in the past. “In my opinion, the ABG pedigree is defnitely at the top end of its class being both fexible and most importantly – reliable,” he comments. “We have restructured our surfacing division and are confdent that the new paver from Volvo will contnue to build our reputaton for quality surfacing projects going forward.” The wheeled paver is the first machine to feature continuous independent traction control over all six wheels. Powered by a Tier III 122 Kw engine, the operator is able to use the ‘Smart Power’ setting to vary the power output depending on the conditions of the application. Running nominally at just 1600 rpm it has significantly low noise emissions besides being highly fuel efcient.

The 6x6 ‘Smart Drive’ technology ensures good traction. Even on difficult bases, tractive effort is automatically adjusted according to ground conditon and the weight of material available in the machine’s 12 tonne capacity hopper. As an added safety feature John Wainwright & Co has specified the fitment of traction isolator switches which are mounted on either side of the hopper. In an event of an emergency the isolator switch will, when actvated, stop the machine immediately. The machine has an ‘Actve Steering’ feature with an inside turning radius of just 2.5 metres. This coupled to individual suspension struts means the paver can overcome obstacles in one go that, according to Volvo, compettve models can only do afer several complicated manoeuvres.

The ABG6870 has a variable screed width of between 2.5 and 5 metres in standard confguraton but can be fted with optonal extensions to provide a generous width of 9 metres. With an output potental of up to 700 tonnes per hour, the machine can contnuously pave up to 40 metres per minute. Whilst a normal layer thickness of 50 mm at high speed

is easily achievable, the paver can, for certain applicatons lay up to a maximum thickness of 300 mm.

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