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Eco-friendly welfare units from Hewden Eco-28 static welfare unit

Hewden, the natonal, mult-product hire specialist, has added a range of statc and mobile eco-friendly welfare units to its portolio, helping users to reduce carbon emissions and cut the costs of fuel and maintenance by over £7,000 per year.

A welfare unit is ofen the frst and last piece of equipment on a constructon site, so it pays to make sure that it is economical to run for the duraton of the job.

The static EasyCabin eco28 welfare unit incorporates many advanced features as standard including PIR activated LED lighting, carbon monoxide detector, blown air thermostatically controlled heatng, thermostatcally controlled hot water and, most importantly, intelligent generator charging technology.

This means that the units’ 12-volt batteries are monitored by a control system and charged automatcally to their optmum level by the integral diesel generator. When the optmum charge is reached, the generator is turned of, keeping usage to a minimum and reducing costs.

Based upon a 50-hour working week, this ofers annual savings of up to £5,967 in fuel costs, £1,250 in maintenance costs and a reducton of over 17,901 kg in CO


emissions, when compared to an 11.5 kVA generator at 100% usage with fuel at 90p per litre.

These features are combined with all of the facilites a modern day workforce expects including a plant room, toilet, washing facilites, canteen area for up to eight people, drying room and ofce.

EasyCabin eco12

The mobile EasyCabin eco12 welfare unit ofers many of the same advanced features as the eco28 including generator charging technology and provides canteen facilites for up to fve people with a separate toilet and drying room.

Constructed from unique patented high strength composite panels, the 12-volt eco12 has an unladen weight of just 1600 kg and features a hydraulically lowered axle to reduce the risk of thef.

Both units are compliant with the latest HSE requirements and are available for immediate hire

Site Equipment

Hydraulic demolition cutter CC 950 with a hydraulic rotation device

With an operatng weight of 920 kg, t rriers between 9 and 16 tons and a crush of 55 tons. “There is much that ch this excavator class ,” states Wolfgan Product Line Manager for Silent Dem Tools. “ We are seeing a clear trend to increasingly more versatile carriers w are ready equipped with couplers f wide range of diferent atachments. “ The serial-producton hydraulic rotaton device ensures contnuous 360º rotato thus allowing atachments to be placed in positon quickly and easily.

Servicing has been greatly simplified. The attachment cutting blades can be rotated, so replacing them on the constructon site is possible without much tme and efort.

The CC 950 can be used for light demolition work, such as on masonry and lightly reinforced concrete structures and partcularly for interior renovaton and gutng.

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Page 31 - vwuk-1-7

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