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Page 25 Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 1 No 5

RDS launches Loadmaster iX – the next generation of on-board weighing systems

RDS Technology, the UK based on-board weighing specialists, are pleased to announce the launch of the new Loadmaster iX range of on-board weighing instruments for wheeled loaders.

Loadmaster iX benefits from additional standard features including temperature compensaton enhancing system performance particularly on machines with a wide variation in operating temperature and angle

compensation providing an additional level of precision beneficial on most sites and not only those with obvious slopes.

In addition, the Loadmaster iX range offers effective management of weighing data. The Loadmaster 8000iX has an integral SD card port for the fast and efficient transfer of data between loader and weighbridge or office

PC and enables pre-registered customer reference data to be uploaded directly to the instrument.

Also available is the trade-approvable Loadmaster 9000i. When fted to a wheeled loading shovel, this on-board weighing scale efectvely transforms the loader into a mobile weighbridge which conforms to MID Class Y(b) levels of accuracy.

The company has recently gained approval via the UK Natonal Measurements Ofce to self-verify its instruments. Subject to formal training by RDS, this approval extends to all EU RDS distributors. This will dramatically speed up verifcaton tmes and reduce end user costs.

For further bespoke data management options, the Loadmaster 9000i DMM features an extended data-handling module. This has been specially designed with the integral SD card port central to the system. Up to six separate reference felds for each truck loading cycle can be stored in a comprehensive database for detailed record keeping. The details of each feld can be uploaded to the instrument from the SD card or programmed onto the card directly through the instrument. The card exports the weighing data into an Excel compatble fle, ready for use with company invoice and record systems. Such product traceability makes it ideal for material handling applicatons in demoliton operatons, recycling plants and other potentally harmful or toxic areas.

For more informaton: RDS Loadmaster iX

Haulmark dealers for Xcentric Ripper

Haulmark Equipment has won the sole UK and Ireland dealership for the Xcentric Ripper.

Designed to complete excavaton and demoliton work in less time, for a lower cost and with minimum noise, the Xcentric Ripper has been developed with impact vibration accumulation technology which, in 70% of job applicatons, makes it more efectve than ‘any hydraulic breaker available on the market’, the company claims. Dick van Der Starre, Sales Di rector at Xcentr ic Ripper Internatonal SL said: “We believe that Haulmark Equipment will do a great job of promotng our product throughout the UK and Ireland. Its enthusiasm for the Xcentric Ripper coupled with the company’s commercial capability has led to our decision to use them exclusively.”

For more informaton: •     Haulmark Equipment

•    Xcentric

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Page 25 - cwuk-1-5-interactive

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