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Extraordinary Vertical Reach

Reach the people who make the decisions.  There is a tremendous amount of wastage when advertising material is aimed generally. Contractors World emailing distribution is mainly to named individuals - delivered direct to the person.

No Wastage

Contractors World UK & Ireland mailing list is ALWAYS UP TO DATE. Distributed by email, it it cannot be delivered it is automatically returned and removed from the mailiing list.  There is no guarantee that material distributed by post will be returned.

And, because we use dedicated email servers to distribute each issue, we are informed of any invalid email address caused by company closing, recipient changing jobs or retiring.  This means we deliver what we say. No wastage.

Decision makers do read digital magazines Contrary to popular belief, magazines such as Contractors World are today the magazine format of choice for decision makers on the move. Senior managers do not register for magazines or download large PDF files if they are of no interest.

96% of Contractors World UK & Ireland readers are DECISION MAKERS

93% of Contractors World International readers are DECISION MAKERS

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