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Contractors World UK Ireland Vol 6 No 2

Ranger Plant

Increases Dumper


Ranger Plant has taken delivery of five new

dumpers to complement the company’s ex-

isting fleet of 15 three-tonne and four one-

tonne Terex site dumpers.

Promac Solutions, Terex Construction’s

distributor for the south-east of England,

delivered the five Terex TA1 site dumpers.

Equipped with the latest technology and

designed for performance and reliability,

Terex site dumpers are well suited for safe

and productive site use. The five new units

are already operational across a number of

National Grid projects.

Company Directors, Lee Quinn and Mark

Philpin, have overseen the growth of Ranger

Plant since 1994, and currently operate

more than 300 items of compact construction


Lee Quinn, said:

“As we were working on a compact site, we

needed a site dumper with excellent

manoeuvrability. The turning radius on the TA1

is class-leading, allowing operators to effectively

use the dumper even in the tightest spaces. The

large fuel tank reduces the need for refuelling

stops, while a superior positioned dash console

and single lever skip operation further improves

operator comfort.”

Terex Construction

Three more Volvo A30G’s for Ward Plant

Since purchasing his first Volvo articulated hauler back

in 1990, Ward Plant Limited, Carnwath, South

Lanarkshire has added a further three Volvo A30G haul-

ers to its fleet.

The latest A30G’s join a fleet of 36 Volvo haulers,

predominantly made up of the A30 sized truck.

Martyn Ward says:

“Whilst we still run A35’s and A40’s the optimum

sized for general hire is the A30 hence the reason

for adding three more to the fleet.”

“They really are the best there is out there, but that’s

not all. We enjoy an excellent level of service from Volvo

when we do get the occasional issues and not least the

trucks have an excellent residual value.”

The new trucks have been deployed on a number of

large infrastructure projects currently taking place in

Scotland such as the major earth-

works on the A9 development near

Aviemore and hire work on the

M8/M73/M74 widening scheme

as well as other general muck

shifting activities.

With a carrying capacity of

28 tonnes and heaped capacity of

17.5m³ the Volvo A30G has a

maximum speed of 53kph. The

hauler is also fitted with CareTrack

as standard, which is Volvo’s tele-

matics system.

Volvo Construction Equipment