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Do Your Vehicles ComplyWith

London’s Emission Restriction?

Eminox CRT Retrofit helps Hewitt Sportsturf comply with London NRMM Low

Emission Zone Emissions Requirements

To provide people living

and working in London

with cleaner air, from 2020

construction equipment in

London will have to comply

with London NRMM Low

Emission Zone (LEZ). Four

years may seem a long way

off but here is a timely re-

minder and it will come

around quicker than you


W E Hewitt & Son

Limited has retrofitted

three JCB 714 Articulated

Dump Trucks wi th

Continuously Regenerating

Trap (CRT®) diesel particu-

late filters (DPFs) from

Eminox, making them com-

pliant for use in the London

Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Low Emission

Zone (LEZ).

Hewitt Sportsturf specialises in the design, construc-

tion and maintenance of natural grass sports surfaces.

The company works on a number of high profile sports

grounds in London’s NRMM LEZ, including Arsenal’s new

Emirates Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur’s White Hart


Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), with engines

of a net power of 37kW and 560kW, which is used on

any major development within Greater London is now

required to meet Stage IIIA emissions regulations as a

minimum, or retrofit best available technology; whilst

NRMM used on any site within the Central Activity Zone

or Canary Wharf has to meet Stage IIIB as a minimum.

The JCB 714 Articulated Dump Trucks have an engine

power of 123 KW and there-

fore fall within these


Construction sites and

other major venues, such as

sports grounds, which use

NRMM must comply with

these minimum require-

ments. By retrofitting Eminox

CRTs, Hewitt Sportsturf has

ensured that its machinery is

suitable for use anywhere

within Greater London, in-

cluding the Central Activity

Zone and Canary Wharf.

The NRMM LEZ require-

ments came into force in

September 2015, because

research by the London

Atmospheric Emissions

Inventory (LAEI) estimated

Air pollution over London is posing an increasing

risk to people living and working in the city.

Pix: Chris L L

Contractors World UK Ireland Vol 6 No 2