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From Hillhead To Quarry Taskforce

Continuing investment in its crushing and

screening division, plant hire and con-

tracting firm, Woods, has chosen to up-

date two of its Bell Equipment L2606E

Loaders with like-for-like models of the

extremely productive machines.

Having developed its crushing and

screening division considerably in recent

years, the Derbyshire-based firm has be-

come one of the largest contract crushing

and screening processors in the UK, an-

nually producing over two million tonnes

of quality materials.

To maintain its high level of productivity and custom-

er expectations, Woods regularly replenishes machines

within its active fleet; replacing vehicles with newer

models to keep output and efficiency at optimum


The company’s most recent investment has been the

purchase of the two new L2606E Loaders, both of which

were showcased at the recent Hillhead 2016 exhibition,

before being delivered to Woods for immediate use on


Now being put through their paces at two different

quarry locations, the loaders, with capabilities already

familiar to the Woods’ team, are already showing their

worth. Woods’ managing director, John Hattersley, ex-

plains more:

“After having enjoyed a brief pit stop at Hillhead,

and attracting attention both on the Bell stand

and in the demo area, our new L2606Es have

now been delivered and are thriving in the

crushing and screening environment.

“We’ve put Bell Loaders through their pac-

es in the past, so we’ve every confidence that

these machines will be up to the task.

“If a particular machine proves itself to us

in terms of yield, reliability, strength and quality,

it makes sense to replace that exact same model

when it’s time for a fleet replenishment – which

is why we returned to Bell Equipment for our

most recent loaders.

Bell Equipment UK

Ultra-Large Excavator Increases Productivity At

Swinden Quarry

Tarmac has invested in a Hitachi EX1900-6 ul-

tra-large excavator for its Swinden Quarry in

North Yorkshire. The site’s new primary mover

is helping to reduce operational hours at the site

by increasing productivity and efficiency.

The excavator is used to load up to 1,200

tonnes of carboniferous limestone per hour di-

rectly into a 200-tonne mobile crusher. A field

conveyor takes the material to a secondary crush-

er at an average rate of 1,000 tonnes per hour.

The Hitachi model was supplied with a longer

boom and arm, and a smaller 8.0 m³ bucket, than

is customary on a machine of this size.

“This is because it needs a larger working

range to reach the limestone and load the


says Mark Turnham, Mines & Quarries Manager at

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK).

“It means the primary crusher doesn’t need to

be moved as frequently – this can take 45

minutes – so it enhances the efficiency of the


Swinden Quarry produces various sizes of aggregates,

from 100 mm down to dust (including grades of 80, 40,

28, 20, 14, 10 and 6). The material is either directly

transferred to the site’s rail siding via a conveyor or into

the ‘toast rack’ storage, from which a wheel loader can

directly load customers’ trucks.

Hitachi Construction Equipment

Contractors World UK Ireland Vol 6 No 2