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Contractors World - 2016 Vol 6 No 2

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Roger Lindley


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Editorial Comment

Roger LindleyCelebrating 6th Anniversary - Thank you 1,473,736 times

In September 2010, the first issue of Contractors World International was published. Followed a month later by the first regional issue of the UK & Ireland. As this issue shows, Contractors World International magazines are designed to be read on iPads, tablets and other portable devices.

Thereby setting a new standard and redefining publishing for the digital age. From an initial distribution of just a few thousands, today we are privileged to have 94,481 registered readers across 182 countries. The UK & Ireland edition is distributed to 40,000 individuals.

Many in the industry still believe that nobody reads digital magazines - paper being the preferred option. However, paper publications are not always convenient.

Digital magazines allow readers to easily take magazines with them and they are always available.

They can enjoy video content and also use links to share with colleagues or contact companies featured for more information.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Registered Readers: 94,481
  • Geographic Spread: 182 countries

Reader Status:

  • 41% Senior Executives & Directors
  • 56% Senior Managers and Decision Makers
  • The magazine of choice by Senior people within the industry - 97%

Industries Served:

  • 58% Contractors
  • 13% Plant Hire / Rental
  • 5% Government
  • 5% Quarrying, Mining, Recycling
  • 8% Consultants,Developers, Structural Engineers
  • A total of 89+% in key industry sectors

Reader Response

How do we know that people getting Contractors World International e-magazines are actually reading them?

Because being digital we can track reader actions. Since the launch, we have published 86 variations of the magazine.

Editorial reports on over 4,000 companies resulted in readers clicking on links for more information an impressive 1,473,736 times.

See Our 2017 Advertising Media Kit

Roger Lidley


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