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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Innovative Remote Blast Monitoring Service

In order to reinforce its position as a market leader in commercial explosives and blasting services in the UK, EPC-UK has unveiled EPC-Metrics, a new entity which will provide a dedicated remote monitoring service for blast vibration and air over-pressure measurement.

The innovative new service, developed in partnership with Datum Monitoring Services, aims to facilitate the immediate access of event data, via state-of-the-art fixed monitoring stations, removing the need to travel to and from a monitoring location and the time consuming manual download of results in the field.

Ideal for both short and long-term projects, these remote monitoring stations can be installed at both internal and external locations around a site, each with its own customisable and remotely settable trigger level.

Once triggered, these stations automatically transmit data to a cloud-based server with results being published immediately to a web portal, providing users with instantaneous access to event information. Once the data has been received, the platform is also capable of sending alerts, via customisable texts and emails, to specified recipients.

EPC-UK has successfully provided traditional blast monitoring services for a while, but EPC-Metrics takes this offering to another level,

explains Geoff Adderley, Commercial Manager for EPC-Metrics.

A fixed monitoring location provides a consistent point of reference for reliable results, whilst the real-time transmission of data saves our customers both time and resources as they no longer have to download results in the field.


New MaxiTrack Mats New MaxiTrack Mats

Ground-Guards Ltd has developed a new ground care system called MaxiTrack - a super strong, environmentally friendly ground mat that is lightweight, easy to lay and safe to carry by hand.

It is made from a lightweight polymer called Zetralene which is five times stronger than standard HDPE and certified to support heavy loads of up to 130 tonnes.

Despite this extreme strength, it is also remarkably light. Mats only weigh 40 kg, which means that two workers can safely handle them -a cost-effective alternative to traditional aluminium panels.

MaxiTrack mats are made from 100% recycled plastic and are also recyclable at the end of their lifetime, satisfying the growing need for a sustainable ground care solution. They are also silicosis and contamination safe.

The new design features a simple but strong bolt connection system for fast, easy joining, as well as clever overlapping flange joints that eliminate board movement and reduces mud seepage.
Ground-Guards believe that MaxiTrack offers a much more productive, efficient and sustainable approach to ground protection, and that no other mat on the market can match its durability, lightness and easy of handling.

Ground-Guards Ltd

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